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Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis, 6th Edition offers a clear and up-to-date presentation of fundamental concepts and design methods required to understand hydrology and floodplain analysis. The text addresses the computational emphasis of modern hydrology and provides a balanced approach to important applications in watershed analysis, floodplain computation, flood control, urban hydrology, stormwater design, and computer modeling. Three main sections guide readers through the material, while examples, case studies, and homework problems reinforce major concepts. The 6th Edition includes brand-new chapters that cover geographical information systems (GIS) and the latest advances in computer modeling applications, along with new and updated examples and case studies.



The Sixth Edition offers several content updates throughout the book, making it a completely up-to-date academic and professional resource. Updates include new real-world examples, case studies and homework problems.  The following chapters have major new examples, and chapters 10-13 have been redone.  

Chapter 1,2,3   Revised and Updated
Chapter 6         New SWMM Example
Chapter 7         New HEC-RAS Discussion and Unsteady Example
Chapter 8         New Examples in Groundwater Hydrology
Chapter 10       Completely Revised 
Chapter 11         Revised and Includes New VFLO Example
Chapter 12        Completely Revised with Spotlight on New Flood Policy in U.S. 
Chapter 13        Completely Revised with New Flood & Drought Case Studies

What's New
Real World Applications
Current Users


Join colleges across the nation that are using the Sixth Edition. These include Columbia University, Duke University, the University of Pennsylvania, Oregon State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Texas, Washington State University, Tufts University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Florida, University of Houston and more. 


The core topics are applied to current engineering challenges through real world examples and case studies.  

  • Ch. 6 includes a detailed valuation of the SWMM model in the Austin, TX

  • Ch. 8 includes a detailed application to groundwater flow in California

  • Ch. 9 includes detailed calculations for drainage design and culvert design 

  • Ch. 10 includes a detailed GIS assessment of Clear Creek in Houston, TX

  • Ch. 12 includes an extensive discussion of the Mississippi river flood policy issues.

  • Ch. 13 presents detailed discussions of Colorado River & Hoover Dam and the impacts of the Dam. 

  • The last section of the textbook of the detailed case study of Hurricane Harvey in Houston 

Beyond the Classroom


The Sixth Edition can also serve as a desk reference extending beyond the classroom. It provides professional engineers and scientists with a foundation for advancing their education and careers. 

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